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Umrah Packages

Umrah Packages

Book your package for Umrah 2023-2024

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Quad Sharing 11 days

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Twin Sharing 11 days

This is the perfect Umrah package for pilgrims seeking a carefree, journey to Ma...

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Twin Sharing 11 days

This is the perfect Umrah package for pilgrims seeking a carefree, journey to Ma...


” O Allah, I intend to perform Umrah. Make it easy for me and accept it from me.”

The Umrah is a pilgrimage to Makkah, Saudi Arabia, performed by Muslims that can be undertaken at any time of the year. In Arabic Umrah means “to visit a populated place”. As a technical term used in the Shari’ah, Umrah means to perform Tawaf of Kaabah and Sa’i between Al-Safa and Al-Marwah, after assuming Ihram, either from a Miqat or a place in Hill. It is sometimes called the ‘minor pilgrimage’ or ‘lesser pilgrimage’, the Hajj being the ‘major’ pilgrimage and which is compulsory for every able-bodied Muslim who can afford it. The Umrah is not compulsory but highly recommended. Umrah Practice

The pilgrim (mu’tamir), sometimes referred to as a ‘Haji’, performs a series of ritual acts symbolic of the lives of the prophet Abraham (Ibrahim) and his handmaiden Hagar (Hajar), and of solidarity with Muslims worldwide. These acts of faith are:

Perform a tawaf, which consists of circling the Kaaba seven times in a counter-clockwise direction. Men are encouraged to do this three times at a hurried pace, followed by four times, more closely, at a leisurely pace. Perform a sa’i, which means rapidly walking seven times back and forth between the hills of Safa and Marwah. This is a re-enactment of Hagar’s frantic search for water. The baby (Ismael) cried and hit the ground with his foot (some versions of the story say that an angel scraped his foot or the tip of his wing along the ground), and water miraculously sprang forth. This source of water is today called the Well of Zamzam. Perform a halq or taqsir, meaning a cutting of the hair. A taqsir is a partial shortening of the hair, whereas a halq is a complete shave of the head, except for women, as they cut a little amount of hair instead.

These rituals complete the Umrah, and the pilgrim can choose to go out of ihram.


  • Valid passport for 6 months from the date of travel.
  • All females must be accompanied by a Mehram.
  • 2 passport size photos.
  • Meningitis certificate. ACWY.
  • 50% Deposit upon booking.

It is compulsory for you to be inoculated with the ‘Quadrivalent’ meningococcal vaccine (ACWY Vac), which protects against four different strains of meningitis.

Consult your GP if you are in any doubt and see the Department of Health website

Please help us by keeping your contact to a minimum until processing of your application is completed and your documents are returned to you.

Our price includes

  1. VISA: The issuing of Umrah Visa.
  2. AIR TICKET: Return air ticket.
  3. TRAINING: We will train you and educate you for the entire Do’s and Don’ts of Umrah and Hajj before leaving the UK and during the Holy journey should you need any guidance.
  4. SUPPORT: As we are based in the UK as well as in Saudi Arabia, our staff will speak Arabic, Urdu, Punjabi and English.
  5. ACCOMMODATION: Please note that that we do NOT provide our pilgrims with cheap hotels or building apartments. We provide Air-conditioned hotels with lifts and easy (minutes) walking distance from the Haram of Makkah & Madinah. (Hotels, in Saudi, are provided according to the local rating standards which are different than the UK standards). Rooms of 2, 3, 4 and 5 beds are available.
  6. ZIYARAT: The Ziyarat of Makkah and Madinah are also included.
  7. TRANSPORT: All transport requirements for the group from a UK Airport and back to UK Airport are included, e.g. transport from Jeddah airport to Makkah, from Makkah to Madinah, from Madinah to Jeddah airport. The transport of Ziyarat of Makkah and Madinah is also included.